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Road Trip!

Here are some tips to help prevent pain and injury while you are packing, loading up the vehicle and traveling to your destination.

  • Use a back support for the natural curve of your back while sitting in the car, your knees should be at the same level or higher than your hips

  • When loading the car with luggage, avoid twisting your back to put luggage in, make sure your feet are facing the direction you are lifting.

  • Bend your knees when you are bending to pick up travel needs, avoid bending at the waist with your knees straight

  • Hold luggage close to your body with your arms bent while carrying them

  • Make a pit stop every hour to stretch your legs, do standing back bends 5-10 times to help counteract the effects of sitting

  • If you are a passenger, use a neck pillow to support your neck while reading or sleeping

Happy Travels!!!


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