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Download: Michelin Starred Reviews For Longs Peak and The Main Event Our 20th anniversary is coming up so we thought we would share a few reviews that are Michelin starred. We went out of town for the celebration, and on our way back, we stopped at The Main Event. Since they had an exceptional burger on the menu, we all ordered burgers. As always, our experience was made more fun because it was shared with our son who is a top graduate of culinary school. This is the first time that we have had a restaurant in Colorado (since we stopped at a friend’s in Estes Park) that had a burger on the menu. In fact, the burgers are even better than they were in the restaurant we ate in at Longs Peak in 2010. The hamburger was small and had two different sauces. One was sweet and another was a tangy sauce. The cheese, lettuce, and tomato were all fresh. We also added bacon. The daughter and son in law had the fried chicken sandwich with gravy. The chicken was battered and fried crisp. The gravy was slightly sweet and spicy. The tomatoes, lettuce, and onions were all freshly diced. The slices of tomato were not cold. There were no sesame seeds and the bun was not toasted. The table that was next to us had only one burger and a bun. The son in law ordered the veggie burger. The bun was fresh and the veggie burger was fresh. The top of the burger was well seasoned and the bun was toasted. There were no tomatoes or lettuce. He enjoyed it very much. The daughter had the burger. It was served on a toasted bun. The burger was topped with onions, ketchup, and cheese. She enjoyed her burger but commented that the toppings were too much. We ordered a bottle of water for her and the water tasted very fresh. The burger was good but the gravy was too sweet and the bun was toasted. The son in law had the coconut chicken burger. He loved it. The bun was lightly toasted. It was medium to hot with a creamy coconut sauce and a hint of mustard. The coconut was sweet and it was served with a large slice of pineapple. He was very happy with the sandwich. The daughter had the pork burger with a mustard sauce. It was very hot with a bun toasted on the inside. The pork burger





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