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How to properly set up your indoor cycling bike.

Attention Indoor Cyclists:

Avoid injury and make sure you have proper form and bike set up when riding.

Are you an avid indoor cyclist? It is very important to make sure your bike is correctly set up when riding. This will help to avoid injury and to maximize your workout.

  • To start set up your saddle height: when standing on the side of your bike your saddle should line up with your hip bone.

  • When your foot is in the forward position or (3 o’clock) the knee should be lined up over the ball of your foot.

  • When you foot is positioned at the bottom (6 o’clock) you should have just a slight bend in your knees. This will allow you to maximize energy and be able to adapt to changes in resistance and cadence.

  • To properly adjusted your saddle: have a seat on your bike and if your knee is not lined up over the ball of your foot then adjust your seat forward or backward accordingly. You want your knee lined up with ball of your foot.

  • Handlebar height is usually preference and you should feel comfortable minimizing strain on your neck and low back. So when you are testing out handlebar height see how you feel and make sure you do not have excessive rounding of your back/shoulders as this may cause discomfort and unwanted stress on your spine.

  • If you have a history of back or neck pain it is best to start with handlebars in the heightened position.

  • Once you have positioned your bike to your preference make sure everything is locked in place.

  • Now that your bike is set up, hop on! Make sure that your hips are pushed back in the saddle, and you are maintaining a neutral spine while riding. Your hands should have a loose grip on your handle bars and shoulder blades are pulled down and back. Keep your gaze slightly in front of your bike. These postural cues should help to avoid excessive loading on your neck and low back.

You are now safely ready to ride!

If you have pain limiting your ability to perform your indoor cycling work out, reach out.

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