I worked with Allison Hoestermann when I injured my shoulder while weight training. I thought I was done for sure when my shoulder popped while bench pressing. I didn’t hold out much hope of getting back to where I was when I went In for Physical Therapy.  Allison explained to me what the situation was and what we were going to do to heal it. Her depth of Knowledge and caring manner really put me at ease and made me feel confident that I could overcome the Injury. Allison introduced me to the training exercises and showed me the correct form and movement. We worked hard, and in the end I was fully healed and ready for weight training again! I could not have done it without her. 

I developed pretty severe vertigo, and after suffering on and off for quite a while, I decided to do something about it. My Doctor advised me to have Physical therapy. I did not have much confidence that physical therapy could help with my Dizziness. I worked with Amy Barbasch and Julie Wolfley and they assured me that Physical therapy could give me relief.  They explained the causes of my vertigo and made me understand that it didn’t just come from out of the blue, there was a reason for it. That made me feel quite relieved. They put me through a series of tests to determine the source and severity of my vertigo. Then they performed specific movements of my head and neck. They also provided me with exercises to do at home. I was amazed at how fast I had relief. Both Amy and Julie are true professionals. I’m so glad I went to them for help!   

Jill K

Working with Julie was great! She is kind and patient and very knowledgeable in her profession. I appreciated her help in alleviating my pain and working with me through my ups and downs over many months of back pain. She was able to help me read my body and I now know exactly what will work to stem the pain and what activities to avoid aggravating it further. Because of Julie's help I am hopeful that I will be able to avoid future pain outbreaks and keep everything at a minimum. I truly appreciated Julie's help and will return to her  if I ever have another bad flare up. I highly recommend her as a PT.


I have been a patient of Allison Hostermann for about ten years now. I am 65 years old, I workout every day, I bike and kayak, so there have been numerous times that I have needed physical therapy. In December of 2014 my back seized up to the point that I could hardly walk. This happened four days before I was leaving Buffalo to fly to Portland for my nephew’s wedding. It is only because of Allison’s knowledge and dedication to her patients that I was able to 

get on that plane and attend that wedding. She even gave me tips to help me keep my back loose before I got on the plane and during the long flight. I can’t thank her and Amy enough for all they have done for me to maintain the active lifestyle that I enjoy. They are the BEST in their field and I have recommend them to a lot of my friends and family 

members who are also patients.

Boris N

l can not say enough positive things about my therapist Amy Barbasch. I am thankful for my full recovery from my knee replacement surgery and l know it is due to Amy being an amazing therapist. From her flexibility on how and where she provided my initial therapy, to her continual encouragement accompanied with her understanding of what my recovery required, designing specific exercises and approaches to help me heal. She simply is the best and made such a difference to my knee feeling and working like new.

Mark R

Working with Julie for 5 weeks kept me on the golf course all summer!


A 30 minute tune up works wonders for my back pain. 


What can I say, 20 years experience is invaluable when diagnosing the problem. 

She puts an exercise program together to address the specific pain. 

Julie is professional, knowledgeable, compassionate and Is capable of helping people of all ages. 

Lynne D

Allison is an extremely knowledgeable therapist.   She is able to quickly zero in on the problem and immediately implements a plan of action.   Within just a few sessions you feel relief from whatever brought you in


Her dedication to helping each and every patient comes shining through as you witness her working.


I would highly recommend her as your next physical therapist.

Carrie H

I was in a rough spot after having 2 c-sections and a weak core. I found myself in an incredible amount of back pain. I came to Allison for help. She put me through a physical therapy program to strength my core and legs. She also taught me different lifestyle changes to ease pressure on my back. Physical Therapy is not only a career for Allison but it is a passion. She is truly dedicated to helping people live a pain free life. She has not only helped me but most of my family as well. 

David W

I always feel better after my appointment. A first class experience. Thanks!!

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