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Personal Training or Physical Therapy?

Personal Training is best if…

  • You are looking to improve your general fitness level, lose weight, or improve strength.

  • You are looking for motivation and accountability

  • You are in need of help creating a fitness program.

  • You are looking to improve your general quality of life and mood.

  • Personal trainers have the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to design safe and effective fitness programs. They instruct and assist people in reaching personal health and fitness goals.

Physical Therapy is best if....

  • You are suffering from pain or injury to any part of your body limiting you from performing activities of daily living, sports or exercise.

  • You experience stiffness or difficulty moving.

  • You have suffered from past injury and would like to have your movement assessed.

  • You would like to prevent future injury from happening

  • A Physical Therapist can assess movement and diagnose a problem before it starts to further hinder your daily living.

  • A physical therapist will perform a thorough movement analysis, prescribe exercise and perform a manual intervention to allow maximal movement & function.

It is not in the Personal trainers scope of practice to diagnose an injury or prescribe a rehabilitation program, but it is common for Physical Therapists to work in conjunction with Personal Trainers to best maximize your health and fitness.

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