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So whats the difference between a Wellness & a Physical Therapy Visit?

Welcome to Natural Physical Therapy of East Amherst! You may be debating if you should book a PT visit or a Wellness Visit. Here are the differences.

Wellness Visit:

  • On your first visit your movement patterns, strength, flexibility and medical history will be assessed. These type of visits are focused on individuals who do not have pain or a current injury and want an individualized exercise routine created, as well as, being stretched out by a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

  • A plan of care will be created from your first visit. Follow up visits will follow the plan of care including education, manual therapy, specific exercises tailored toward you and home exercise program.

  • You could utilize these visits as an annual check up, monthly “tune-ups” or weekly visits to help maximize your health.

Physical Therapy Visit:

  • A complete evaluation of your injury or painful region and a 'whole body' assessment of dysfunction is completed at the initial visit.

  • Your care will be initiated this visit with education on your injury/diagnosis, description of your plan of care and initiation of manual treatments, therapeutic exercises and a home exercise program.

  • Follow up visits will follow the PT plan of care created at the Initial Evaluation.

  • Any unanswered questions from previous appointments will be addressed.

  • Each visit will include manual therapy, guided specific exercises, patient education and an update on your home exercise program.

  • Physical Therapy visits focus on your personal goals of recovery

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